About the Artist

We are all pilgrims
On the sacred path of life.
Same struggles, same goals.

Drawing and painting have been favorite activities for me since childhood. Over the years I have worked with clay, stained glass, silk, ink, and watercolors. Recently linocuts (linoleum block prints) have become my favorite medium.  I live near the Audubon Center in Santa Fe, New Mexico and work one day a week as a physician at a free clinic. Growing vegetables and caring for the trees around my house are other activities I enjoy.

Being a pilgrim, walking most of every day through varied countryside, is a way to reflect on one’s life, make new friends from around the world, and become more grateful for all the beauty of our planet. I am thankful that I have had the opportunity to walk pilgrimages in France, Spain, Japan, and New Mexico, painting along the way.

– Mary Ray Cate  

About the Art

“Mary Ray, I was moved to tears by your Advent calendar.  Thank you for creating it.”   – F.H.M., New Mexico.

“Your Advent calendar is always filled with gratitude toward Mother Nature, all that lives. My most favorite day is that giving gratitude to bacteria.”    – A.I., Fukuoka, Japan

“I received [the print of Pines in the Wind] and just opened it – it is beautiful!”   – N.J., New York

“I just want to tell you how much we have enjoyed our Canticle of St.Francis advent calendar that we purchased many, many years ago. We open it again, every year, and it is hardly the worse for wear.”   – J.M., New Mexico

“The watercolor arrived on Thursday. It’s very charming! Also, thanks for including the hand written note about it. We’ll keep it with the painting.”    – F. J., Texas

“I love [the Ox Herding Pictures]! They are going on the wall of my meditation room, and will move to the zendo here post-COVID.”      – K.W., Massachusetts

“The most beautiful path is the path of compassion.” – Thich Nhat Hanh

The art work shown on this website is a product of the artist’s imagination, based on memories, impressions from recent and historic photographs, and from direct observation. The colors you see on your computer screen are approximations of those of the actual cards, calendars, prints, and watercolors.

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Artwork and poetry © Mary Ray Cate, all rights reserved.